Disability Policy / Transfer of Credit Policy / GED classes

The following Policies should be disclosed to prospective students:


Vogue International Academy has an institutional commitment to provide equal educational opportunities for qualified students with disabilities. This commitment is in accordance with following state and federal laws and regulations. To provide and strive for equality of needed access for students with disabilities, Vogue International Academy will provide adequate accommodations. We will also make readily available some auxiliary aids and services, to the extent necessary, to comply with state and federal laws.  For each student, these accommodations and services will specifically address the limitations of their disability. The school will try to minimize that any disability or special accommodation may affect a student’s equal educational opportunity.  Applicants or students who would like to request any disability services and / or accommodations must make a request by calling the student services department at the schools direct phone number.


Vogue International Academy accepts transfer students from other TDLR certified institutions.  Grade transcripts are required and will be presented by the student or requested from school to school. Grade transcripts must be physically given to the student by their previous institution or have been received through any delivery method.  Some academic subjects with a minimum “C” average will be granted credit. In the event that a high amount of hours have been granted for out-of-state credit with no grades available, then the students G.P.A. will be based from only the grades earned at VIA. Grade credit for previous training is subject to the Director of Education discretion. Vogue will also accept students that have been granted, by the state of Texas, hours completed in a certified school within the state, from other countries or out of state education. Vogue does not limit the amount of hours a student can transfer.  Hour transcripts are required and will be presented by the student or requested from school to school.  These transcripts may be printed or posted directly from their previous educational institution in the state system (SHEARS).  During the interview, if the admissions representative finds out that the prospect has accumulated hours elsewhere, then the prospect will be taken to the director of admissions for confirmation of these hours.  The director of admissions is the only person with access to the SHEARS website. Once transcripts have been analyzed and reviewed, the director of admissions will let the student know if the hours are available for them to get credit.  If the transcript proves that the student attended only one school and the tuition shows as paid they can get full credit for the total amount of hours. But if the tuition shows as being not paid, this is an indication that these hours are not the students to claim. Therefore, the student must contact the previous school to resolve any issues so that the school can change, the transcript of hours, from tuition not paid to paid. Then the student may get credit. Should the issue not be resolved, then the student has to start from 0 hours at Vogue.  If the student transcript reflects multiple schools and for some, the tuition shows as paid, then the student will receive credit for the grand total of hours from those schools only. But if tuition is not paid from other schools, the student must contact those schools to resolve any issues so that the schools can change the transcript from tuition not paid to paid. Once this is done, the student will get credit for those hours. Should the issue not be resolved, then the student will only get credit for the hours that show as tuition paid, unless the student refuses all hours of credit and start from 0 hours.  Upon completion of the evaluation, the transcripts will be printed, one with the history of all total amounts of hours accumulated by the student, list of school (s), and if the hours are theirs to claim. The other transcript which itemizes the class hours and field trip hours.  If, as a result of this evaluation, the course length is shortened, then the course cost will also be reduced accordingly.The transcripts are needed in order to evaluate and grant credit for subjects and hours successfully completed and paid, unless the student willingly refuses those hours. Our “Previous Education and Training Policy” complies with requirements from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.


If a student does not have a high school diploma or GED, the following are local centers where GED classes or courses are offered:  

Spring Branch Adult Community Education -2100 Shadowdale Dr, Houston, TX 77063 


North Star Academy -9950 Westpark Dr, Houston, TX 77063 -10am - 4pm closed on weekends  


Northwest Vast Academy -1010 West Sam Houston Pkwy N Ste. S16 Houston, TX 77063